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Imperium Movie Review

It’s kind of appropriate to see Daniel Radcliffe, who for a decade fought fictional robbed maniacs as Harry Potter, now fully grown and fighting far more real robbed maniacs in Imperium, which was filmed and made its debut locally in Virginia, and I just happened


A Whale (Shark) of a Tale

I would manage to be the guy to figure out a way to be attacked by a shark in the middle of Georgia, much less a whale shark that only eats plankton. Perhaps some background is in order? I love sharks. I really love sharks.


Suicide Squad Movie Review

After having seen Suicide Squad, it looks like the future of the prospective DCEU rests on Gal Gadot’s English comprehension. All the folks hoping that Suicide Squad might end a fairly bland summer box office on a high note, or salvage the DCEU that Batman


Ghostbusters Movie Review

For all the outrage and debate, and the countless words written about the Ghostbusters remake, the saddest part of this whole affair may end up being that so much passion was wasted not on some daring reimagining, nor a fascinating failure, but on just another


Finding Dory Movie Review

I hope all of you enjoyed Inside Out last year, or managed to be one of the five people who saw The Good Dinosaur, because if Finding Dory is any indication, we’re in for rough seas ahead with Pixar cranking out nothing but sequels until


Warcraft Movie Review

2016 was supposed to be the year where video games finally made a successful leap from the small screen to the big screen. Even as cinemas have basically transformed into video arcades in terms of the kind of entertainment delivered, and video games have become


X-Men: Apocalypse Movie Review

Sometimes, in the era where cinema is utterly dominated by superhero movies, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the model for franchises everybody is rushing to beat, Deadpool is the surprise box office hit of the year, and we’re still writing thinkpeices about just where