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Sponsors and Supporters

The Jones Soda Co. is a soda company based in Seattle, Washington that offers a fine and distinctive range of soda, juice, energy drinks and candy.

Jacob Strine
served in the US Army with me, and he has never ceased in getting the word out about my work, as well as providing valuable advice and support along the way. He is also father of two, and is currently an IT specialist in Oregon.

The Dudeletter is an Alternative Online Magazine focusing on culture and silliness, and also the first place to take me on as a writer outside of this site. They have sections including Songs of the Day, Music Reviews, Movie Reviews, Retro Gaming, Beer Commentary, Concert Review, and Commentary on Trends. Come check them out at, follow them on Twitter @Dudeletter, YouTube, at Dudeletter Channel, and like them on Facebook.

Malcolm Davis is an aspiring graphic designer and winner of the contest to design the website banner. In addition to his splendid handiwork here, he does graphic design work-for-hire, and if you would like to give him a project of your own, email him anytime.

Matthew Quinn is a fellow writer and blogger whose advice and willingness to give it have both been greatly helpful to my work here and elsewhere. In addition his works of fiction, he has a blog of his own.

Kendall Lipscomb is a linguist and aspiring airwoman in the US Air Force. In the mean time, she is content to write about anime, manga, movies and whatever else strikes her fancy on her blog, Chii’s Channel.

Eddy Harwin runs the blog Weekly Ramblings, and has been intrumental in getting word of my own blog out to the men and women of the US armed forces, which remains one of my largest blocks of readers.

Matt Mitrovich is a lawyer in the Chicago area, but more relevantly to myself and the site, he is the former President (I succeeded him) of Alternate History Online, the largest alternate history group on Facebook and current head of the Alternate History Weekly Update, both superb places to indulge or introduce yourself to the rapidly rising genre.

Become a Sponsor

Are you interested in becoming a personal or corporate sponsor of Korsgaard’s Commentary? If you are, send me an email with the details about your business and yourself, and I will be happy to arrange for you to advertise on here. I do have a few basic rules about what can be advertised on here (The basic rule is if it can’t be shown to a child, it can’t be advertised on here) but aside from that I welcome all offers, and will be happy to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

In addition to the corporations and groups that sponsor my work, I feel it is only right that I mention the individuals who go above and beyond in support of my musings. Whether it be by helping to get the word out, donations, technical support, or even just giving me good advice, every one of the people here help me to keep this site running. I owe them thanks for that, and so should you!

Want to see your name up here? Get people to come to the site. Get people to subscribe, and subscribe yourself. Make donations to my Paypal, or suggestions about the site or my work. Even better, do all the above. Send me a message and tell me what you have done – then keep doing it. Every little bit of help is important!