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Yearly Archives: 2010

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2nd Quarter Results

Well dear readers, it has been six months since I first started this blog, and I must say I am pleased with the results. As always, all of you never fail to disappoint. Thanks to all of your continued viewership, the last three months have

A Christmas Salute to the Armed Forces

Well dear readers, as many of you know, it’s almost Christmas. Seeing that, I would like to take a minute to send a message to the many soldiers who will be out defending the American way of life instead of opening presents on Christmas morning.

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My Birthday and my Eight Resolutions

Well dear readers, twenty one years ago, give or take a few minutes, I was born. That’s right, today is my twenty-first birthday. While in modern times, this birthday is commonly used as an excuse to get inebriated, in olden days it was marked as

Christmas Movies: Then and Now

Hello again my dear readers. With Christmas rapidly approaching, there are countless Christmas movies on the Television. This reminded me of two things: 1) It made me remember all of the good times I had as a kid watching these with my family. 2) That

Tron Legacy

Well dear readers, I have just returned from the movie theatre having just watched Tron Legacy, sequel to the 1982 cult classic Tron. For those of you who either weren’t alive when it was in theaters or just haven’t seen the movie, the film follows