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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

I’m a big fan of westerns. I also happen to be a fan of science fiction. To top it all off, I have a weakness for genre-mashups, so as you can imagine, when I first heard about Cowboys & Aliens, it immediately earned a spot

The Crow: Special Edition

There is little doubt that James O’Barr’s graphic novel, The Crow, is among the finest graphic novels ever created. In addition to the masterful graphic novel, the story launched a merchandising empire, a TV serial, several prose novels, and of course, the film franchise, including

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Is Internet access a human right?

Last month, the United Nations declared access to the Internet to be a fundamental human right. While I have little doubt that such a declaration from the UN will have much the same effect on the wider world as any other declaration from the UN,

Friends with Benefits

Tonight, Captian America: The First Avenger is opening on three screens my local cineplex, no doubt filled with ample amounts of ass-kicking, explosions, and all the goodies that come with summer superhero films. I however will get to enjoy hearing it all through the wall of

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Korsgaard’s Commentary turns 1 today

My dear readers, what a milestone we have reached today. On this day, one year ago, at the urging of some friends I started this blog. And what a year it has been. First, let me begin my saying just how astounded that I’ve managed

Anonymous to set up Social Network

A few of my readers may not be aware that there is actually a set of rules for the Internet. Serving as the equivalent of the Ten Commandments in many web circles, they were written by the Internet’s closest equivalent to an all-powerful God, Anonymous.