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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Top 10 Most Underused Horror Monsters

Beasts that go bump in the night have been haunting the minds of men since time immemorial. Not surprisingly, these creatures have been stalwart features of everything from our earliest sagas to the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and has given us a monstrous mythology for any

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I had two haiku published

Hello dear readers. I am here with more news of my writing career. If you did not know, I write haiku, and have made many over the years. When a friend said to submit them to be published, I decided to do so. I sent

Whitelake – Enter the Haggis

Dear readers, it’s that time of year again. The Highland Games have returned to Richmond, and with them, all the bagpipes, festivities and food (especially haggis) that they bring. It’s always been one of my favorite festivals in the Richmond area, and enjoy it every

In Time

In my opinion, Andrew Niccol is one of the finest visual science fiction directors in Hollywood today. He cut his teeth as a filmmaker with Gattaca, which remains one of the most underrated cinematic masterpieces of my lifetime, and almost single-handedly sounded the alarm bell

The Three Musketeers Movie Review

The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas is a classic work of literature, as well as being one of the most premiere stories of adventure, camaraderie, courage and heroism, so there is little surprise that it is one of the most common books adapted into films.

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Muammar Gaddafi meets his end

This is not proving to be a good year to be a tyrant or terrorist. With this year already having seen the death of a good portion of Al Qaeda’s leadership, including Osama bin Laden, as the collapse of various tyrannical regimes world wide, it