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Monthly Archives: March 2012

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Year 2, 3rd Quarter Results

Its that time again my dear readers, where I take a look at how the site has grown in the last three months, and with it, my meagre writing empire. The last three months have each seen over 20,000 hits from various sources, places, and

Fan Request 10: 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum is, at least in my opinion, one of the more underrated actors in Hollywood. While he certainly won’t win an Oscar anytime soon, nor should he, he always gives a solid performance, and aside from maybe Stop-Loss, has yet to either give a

The Hunger Games

Pop culture needs its next big trend, and soon. Aside from an upcoming theme park ride, Harry Potter’s magic may have finally run out. The sun may finally be setting on Twilight, which despite having one more movie and a legion of obsessed fan girls,

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Encyclopædia Britannica ends Print Version

Dear readers, am I good, or am I good? Before you answer, perhaps I should provide you with some context. Not even a month after I said the next four years will contain the biggest transition to digital media in our history, the rising digital

The Boondock Saints

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day my dear readers! As mentioned last year, this has always been one of my favorite minor holidays, and I always spend it one of two ways: getting plastered at a local Irish pub with friends, or at home, getting plastered watching