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Monthly Archives: April 2012


To be honest, I was hoping to have a review of Suda51’s new video game, Lollipop Chainsaw, for all of you today, but due to a set of circumstances – chief among them, the delay of its release until June 12th – I will instead,

Why Hipsters Suck

Today, my dear readers, is Earth Day, which means two things for me. The first is that I have a library book I need to turn in. The second is that the hipsters at my college are giddier than children on Christmas, and are having

Fan Request 11: Anders Breivik

My latest fan request, from fellow blogger and frequent commenter Stienberg, has me tackling an topic that has been in the news somewhat lately, and will no doubt be more in the future. Stienberg you see, asked me to discuss Anders Breivik, his crimes, his