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Gelati Celesti

One of the best parts about spring is that with the warm weather returning, it is fashionable again to eat ice cream. While like many others, I get my fix from Baskin Robins or Dairy Queen, if time and travel allows it, I far prefer a scoop from what has been my favorite ice cream parlor since I was a child, Gelati Celesti.
A mainstay of the Richmond area for 28 years, and in my diet since I was first able to hold an ice cream cone, from its spot in Richmond’s West End (with another to open across town this month) this little parlor has been serving homemade ice cream that has been agreed to be the best ice cream in town for years.

While it may not look like much on the outside, you will no doubt note the scent of homemade waffle cones on the air as you approach the humble parlor. On the inside, you’ll likely find a small crowd huddled around the cases of Gelati Celesti’s frozen wares. The lines move swiftly, the options of both ice cream and toppings are plentiful, and the servings generous, and priced cheaply.

As for the ice cream itself, as I and a legion of fans made over the last quarter century would testify, it is easily some of, if not the best ice cream you will ever have the pleasure of eating. I myself am a devotee of their Pralines and Cream flavor, with every cinnamon-glazed Georgia Pecan and bite caramel-and-cinnamon laced ice cream a little spoonful of heaven. Given the choice of flavors, the generous portions and pricing, it’s hard to see how Haagan Daas can keep a shop open in this city with Gelati Celesti’s offerings.

While it shouldn’t be a surprise from a place that has been rated the best Ice Cream place in Richmond, there is reason people like me having been coming here for decades. The prices are cheap, the servings generous, and over a generation of ice cream making has led Gelati Celesti to have the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten, and quite likely, the best you’ve ever had too. So please, go to Gelati Celesti and treat yourself.
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One thought on “Gelati Celesti”

  1. Ian says:

    This ice cream is amazing been there it is by far the best ice cream to have ever touched my lips with Coldstone being a close second.

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