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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue

While not the real meaning behind Memorial Day, cookouts and barbecue do come a close second and if there is one thing Richmond has no shortage of, it’s good barbecue joints. Coming in as many types and varieties as the grilled meats themselves, you can

Star Wars at 35: Relevent or Relic?

A long time ago, in a cinema far, far away… a franchise was born. Yes, on this day 35 years ago, Star Wars opened in theaters, spawning a multibillion dollar media empire, consisting of movies, TV shows, toys, comic books, sci-fi novels, video games, and

Why Tim Burton needs to take a break

Though Battleship’s continued sinking at the box office seems to the commercial disappointing film most critics are calling the first flop of the summer, it’s starting to look like that dubious honor belongs to the latest offering of the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton duo, Dark Shadows,

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100,000 site views and other news!

Dear readers, today is a milestone for the site, and perhaps for myself as well. Sometime late last night, the total page views for Korsgaard’s Commentary broke the 100,000 mark. This is huge news in and of itself, but just as noteworthy are some of

The Right and Wrong way to remake Highlander

Few cult classics can claim to have as mixed a legacy, as rich a mythology or as devoted a fan base as Highlander. The classic 1986 sword-and-sorcery film, following the tale of powerful immortal warriors that have battled throughout time until only one remains, and


My dear readers… why do you hate me? If you are wondering why am asking this, on my Facebook page, I held a vote for what movie to review this month. The winner, much to my horror and shock, was the incoming turd, Battleship. Yes,