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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Before I begin my review, I want to take a minute to give my condolences to the many families who lost loved ones in the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. I can scarcely comprehend the grief you must be going through right now, and while it

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Korsgaard’s Commentary turns 2 today

It’s that time again my dear readers. It was on this day two years ago that I started this blog at the urging of some friends, and two years later, I’m quite proud of how this little product of their prodding has turned out. As

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Guest Post: Ode to a Hipster by Nick Hoffman

The next guest post comes from my editor at the, Nick Hoffman, as he takes an alternating opinion on my ‘Why Hipsters Suck’ article. He takes an interesting perspective – are hipsters even a thing? Are they something old, or something new? If they’re

The Amazing Spider-Man

One simply has to pity the Spiderman franchise. Ten years ago, the franchise was one of the most revered comic book titles off all time, and had just kicked off the second wind of comic book movies that to this day with a trilogy of