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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Top 10 Worst Remakes of All Time

The weekend box office has been a pleasing one I have to say. The Expendables 2 butchered its meager competition to remain number one at the box office (Fixie bikes? They thought a movie about fixie bikes could go toe to toe with the Expendables

Christopher McCandless, Tool and Fool

Ah, no sooner has the new college semester started than my campus’ circle of hippies is already at their latest round of idiocy. This time it seems, they are asking people to join them in a couple days to join them in celebrating the life

The Expendables 2

Have a mentioned a few times before that I really like The Expendables? The 2010 old-school action thriller was a loving tribute and long-needed revival of the glory days of action cinema, starring a list of action heroes that literally sold tickets by the weight

A look at Jaws by Peter Benchley

It’s a good time to be a shark lover. Not only is it the most wonderful week of the year, Shark Week, the 25th Anniversary no less, but Jaws has recently been released on Blu-ray. As a result, a lot of people have sharks on