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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hotel Transylvania

I’ve said again and again that this has been a great year for movies so far, with just a few exceptions. One of those exceptions has been animation, which has unlike many other film genres this year, gone without even a decent movie. The genre

The New 52 One Year Later

It’s been roughly a year since DC launched the New 52, shaking the comic industry to its very foundations, and making headlines in the process. Though the debate over whether or not tossing out seventy years of DC Comic lore was smart in the long

A pair of stories from Matthew Quinn

A few of my more faithful readers might remember my review of my friend Matthew Quinn’s story Coil Gun last September, where I both heartily recommended his story and told you to keep an eye on his work in the future. Well, one year later,

Dredd 3D

Judge Dredd has been a long-time staple of comics and science fiction since the late 1970s, whose tale of all-powerful judges fighting a losing battle against crime and anarchy in a post-apocalyptic future made Judge Dredd an icon in both mediums. Needless to say, Hollywood

Iron Sky

Two years ago, in one of my first posts here on the site, I mentioned a Finnish crowd-sourced movie project by the name of Iron Sky. A sci-fi comedy about of all things, Nazi’s that escaped Earth at the end of WWII reinvading Earth in

My 2012 NFL Season Predictions

It’s that time again my dear readers… as the leaves turn red and fall off, people bare their colors and loyalties, arguments and bets are made, lofty goals and promises made and broken every week, all for the thrill and spectacle of one of America’s