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A pair of stories from Matthew Quinn

A few of my more faithful readers might remember my review of my friend Matthew Quinn’s story Coil Gun last September, where I both heartily recommended his story and told you to keep an eye on his work in the future. Well, one year later, I’m here to show you a couple of his most recent projects.

Quinn has decided to take two of his previously published short stories, Melon Heads and I am the Wendigo, and digitally self-publish them through various websites, including Amazon. They are both well worth reading, but I will touch on them both briefly so you have an idea what they’re about, starting with Melon Heads.
melonheadsFew things can spoil a nice weekend before exams like your girlfriend’s vengeful ex-boyfriend trying to kill you. Of course, murderous mutant midget cannibals have a nasty habit of making things go from bad to worse. Fans of creature features and chiller thrillers alike will enjoy this tale of a young college couple trying to escape the grasp of these pint-sized terrors only known as the Melon Heads!

Based on the Midwestern urban legend, the story reads like a classic B-movie, and almost begs a film adaptation. That said, while it’s not exactly a chilling tale, it is no doubt entertaining, and I recommend it heartily.
iamthewendigoWhich brings us to I am the Wendigo, a rare horror story from a monster’s perspective, specifically the menacing cannibalistic fiend known as the Wendigo. As mentioned before on the site, the Wendigo is one of the most underused monsters in the horror pantheon, making Quinn’s use of it – especially from the viewpoint of the creature while on the hunt – one of the rare stories to use it, and use it well. Though not as good as Melon Heads, and very brief, it was still an enjoyable story.

In short, both are superb stories, and I highly encourage all of you to give them both a read. In his digital debut, my friend and fellow writer Matthew Quinn has penned a pair of tales that for fans of B-movie horror like me, or folks looking for a couple of solid quick reads, either will prove to be the best 99 cents you’ll spend all week, trust me on that!

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