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Monthly Archives: October 2012

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A Video Tribute to The Crow

Have I mentioned I’m a fan of The Crow before? Maybe once or twice? I’ve written about the classic film, I’ve written about the classic comic, and in the near future, I may write about the recent pair of new Crow comics that have recently

A look back at Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

It never ceases to amaze me how browsing the internet can spark instantaneous nostalgia. Most recently, it came when I was poking around, when I came across an article that sent me shuffling through boxes in my closet. What I was looking for, and

Cannibal Holocaust

Taking the torch from the now finally deceased Saw franchise for being the horror franchise that just won’t die, Paranormal Activity releases the latest film in the line today, Paranormal Activity 4. Largely responsible for the glut of found footage films in recent years, and

Taken 2 Movie Review

Liam Neeson may be one of the most versatile living actors in Hollywood, one of the few who can handle everything from Oscar bait to action thrillers, and do so with a level of charisma and skill that often makes him the highlight of any film

The New Blogger Interface is Terrible

As no doubt many of my fellow bloggers have noticed by this point, Blogger has recently switched its interface, and as no doubt many of people who read said blogs have discovered, the Blogger community is not happy about it. A little back-story for those