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What about Second Breakfast? Try Dennys

I’m just a day away from a movie premier I’ve been waiting for since 2003. As no doubt many of you know, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens tomorrow, already shaped up to be one of the year’s most anticipated releases. Of course, this is doubly so for Tolkien fans like myself, who, as mentioned before, have been waiting for the release since the credits rolled on Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. With opening day just a few hours away, The Hobbit is so close, I can almost taste it.
Dennys Hobbit menuWell, thanks to the folks at Denny’s I can taste it. In one of a number of moves made to promote the movie, diner chain Denny’s has launched a menu themed on the Hobbit. The restaurant, already a staple among my friends because – well, we’re college students and cheap food and open 24-hours is a magic combination – but now it would see us rushing into Denny’s for Hobbit-themed muchies for elevensies. I just hope it’s better than Lembas Bread.

As my merry company settled down to eat, I was relatively surprised how all-in Denny’s went for The Hobbit. They have a whole menu entirely themed on the hobbit, ranging from the Gandalf Gobble Melt or Radagast Red Velvet Pancakes, as well as a multimedia tie in. So I and my fellowship sat down and ordered an assortment of tasty goodies.
Dennys Hobbit menu - Hobbit Hole BreakfastI ordered what was known as the Hobbit Hole breakfast, which is basically eggies in a basket with loaded hash browns and bacon – for those that don’t know, eggy in a basket is when they cook an egg into a piece of bread, in this case, a baked cheese bun. Much to my surprise, it was fantastic, the egg cooked perfectly, the bread well flavored, and the loaded hash browns and bacon providing plenty of pork-filled satisfaction. Just as good were the pumpkin pancakes that came as a side, which were tasty enough and well spiced enough that syrup wasn’t necessary.

I also had the opportunity to try the Hungry Hobbit Ham Melt, which a friend of mine ordered but got full before finishing. I can see why – the sandwich was very good, and very satisfying, consisting of a toasted sandwich with ham, chedder cheese and sweet potato fries loaded onto it, and had both a unique and fantastic taste and was as satisfying as the breakfast was.

Also worth mentioning is the face each of the Hobbit menu items comes with a pack of Denny’s made trading cards, and while that might not excite everyone (though it made one card-collecting member of our group very happy) what made the rest of us happy was each came with a coupon offering various goods and discounts, ranging from free food to $5 off the bill. Given that the food itself was very affordable, adding generous discounts made it all the better.

So, much to my shock, I have to say, the food was fantastic, especially given the location and price, and the fact it’s a marketing tie-in. You wouldn’t think Denny’s could pull of good and satisfying food based on The Hobbit – but then again, some might think a Hobbit cannot fight his way to the Lonely Mountain (Can you tell I’m about to go to the midnight premiere?). Overall, stop by Denny’s and give this menu a chance, certainly if you need a meal before the movie.
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One thought on “What about Second Breakfast? Try Dennys”

  1. Ian says:

    Went there myself. Damn good food on that menu.

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