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Ravens best 49ers in Super Bowl XVLII, Korsgaard’s Commentary bests sports media

As of a few hours ago, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers for the Superbowl, despite an impressive third-quarter comeback and an early blowout so intense they blew a fuse. The result was an impressive match, a fine chapter to the end of Ray Lewis’ football career, and between this and sending the Patriots crying home to Boston, I’m willing to forgive the Ravens for keeping the  Denver Broncos from the Super Bowl this year. We’ll be back next year, that’s a promise.
Ravens-win_superbowl_jpg_full_600Of course, that may be for another reason, the one I’m sharing with you today. I hope more than a few of you remember my 2012 NFL Season Predictions from last September. If you missed it, there’s a reason I bring it up, because against all odds, I called the Super Bowl five months in advance, calling the Ravens over the 49ers even before the season started.

The odds against this are to say the least, enormous – while I haven’t seen odds by number yet, with the few guesses I’ve found come around 1:1,500,000, it should say a great deal that of the various media outlets, I’m the only one I am aware of to have done so, beating a number of respected, well-known and well-paid commentators and columnists in the process. So I beat outlets from NFL Magazine to Sports Illustrated, and I don’t even get paid to do so. Watch your back ESPN!

I wonder if there’s an MVP for Sports Journalism? In any event, let none doubt I don’t offer you, my dear readers, the best and most accurate coverage I can, with Korsgaard’s Commentary literally offering opinions that come one-in-a-million, as I’m sure most of you already knew. Just don’t ask me for lotto numbers.

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