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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Crow Skinning the Wolves

Seeing that it is both a rainy Easter morning – a day all about resurrection, as well as rabbits and Cadbury crème eggs – and perhaps more potently, it being the 20th Anniversary of the tragic death of actor Brandon Lee, I figure today would

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The 2013 Summer Writing Challenge

I’m going to admit something my dear readers – though I, in a large part thanks to keeping up with a schedule of writing articles for this site, have gained something of a knack for writing articles, essays and otherwise non-fiction works, I continue to

Olympus Has Fallen Movie Review

As mentioned before, this has been something of a rough year for the movies, both critically and commercially, especially the action genre, the most successful venture of which was the depressingly bad A Good Day to Die Hard. That said, with March movie season underway,

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

It’s been nearly a year since the release of John Carter, and people are still talking about it – rarely for good reasons. The film is still notorious for being a major box office bomb, despite the fact it wasn’t even the biggest bomb of

Oz the Great and Powerful

How many of you remember the Alice in Wonderland movie from 2010? Painful memories I know, but there’s a reason I mention it going in to this review. You see, aside from being the moment when Tim Burton’s career finally jumped the shark, this already

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Skyfall Video Review

My first of the triage of long-delayed video reviews, with the 23rd Bond film Skyfall being the first up to bat. If you didn’t read the original written review, take a look at the video review I’ve tacked in below. If you haven’t heard by

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Giles Crafts

One of the things that the Internet has allowed to an enormous extent has been allowing would-be entrepreneurs of all types and stripes to set up shop with very little overhead and near limitless potential clients for whatever goods and services you care to offer