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Monthly Archives: May 2013

My rant about The Crow remake

The Crow remake has been in the news a lot recently in the last few weeks, after finally settling a lawsuit with Miramax over film rights that has kept it from moving forward until now. Mainly making waves with rumored casting decisions over just who will play

Star Trek Into Darkness

Space: the final frontier. These are the words that preceded every episode of an almost fifty year old TV show called Star Trek, which has come to be one of the biggest names and driving forced in science fiction in the decades since the first

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Support the Confederation web series on Kickstarter

As mentioned before, one of the more intriguing trends the Internet has seen the rise of is crowd-sourcing, where the pipe-dream of countless artists and entrepreneurs, where they could get their supposed markets and audiences to back their projects independent of all other financiers, has

Judge Minty

It’s no secret I loved last fall’s Dredd – I felt it was one of the year’s best films, and thought it a real tragedy that it flopped in theaters, though it’s fantastic DVD sales give me hope we haven’t seen the last of Judge

Iron Man 3

Comic book movies have never been the same since Iron Man. When the film came out in 2008, few would have guessed that it would take a C-list superhero and a has-been actor both into prime-time properties, earning the adoration of critics and moviegoers alike,