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Act Accordingly by Colin Wright

A little over a year ago, I wrote a little piece about Colin Wright, a writer, web-entrepreneur and world traveler of great repute around the web, whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. In addition to managing a fine blog, and selling some fantastic ebooks, to say nothing of gaining much fame for his method of moving to a new country every four months chosen by his readers, he’s earned a reputation as a rising web celebrity, one of the poster children of just what web plat-forming can do for someone. For me at least, he’s certainly someone I admire on a personal level, and on a professional level, hope to emulate to some extent.

So, you can imagine my shock and surprise when earlier this month I got a pair of emails from both Colin himself and his publisher asking if I would not only do a review his of his new book, Act Accordingly, but offering me the chance to interview him as well. Needless to say, I heartily and readily accepted the offer, and they sent me two copies of the book. I’ll explain what the other book will be for momentarily on my Facebook page, and the interview should be up early next month – my first ever interview for the site, by the way – but for now, having read the book, which is released today, allow me to give my impressions of Colin Wright’s latest book, Act Accordingly.Act Accordingly by Colin WrightPreviously, Colin Wright has written about topics that range from world travel to starting your own business, but here, he aims for a bigger target, philosophy, specifically, explaining his own brand of minimalism and self-fulfillment, and how one might peruse and apply it to their own life. Touching on things ranging from finding self-confidence to deciding just what you want to get out of life, through a combination of concise exploration of each chapter’s themes interspersed with some memorable metaphors and witty quips, the book manages to lay out the keys to a fulfilling life.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Colin’s past works is that he truly has a gift for tackling a topic as wide as starting your own business or, in this case, leading a satisfying and meaningful life with a simplicity and brevity that makes his work both quick reads and easy to understand, yet pack a punch well above their weight class in terms of wisdom to be gained from them and possibilities for practical application, and Act Accordingly is no exception. The book, despite its briefness – I finished it in about an evening – tackles topics as complex as how different societies have different standards and morals, or how confidence and boldness are so important, and even the necessity of failure and stress, yet it never sacrifices the message or meaning along the way.

The major thing I found so appealing about the book however it that, in many ways, it provides a framework for the school of thought that, in many ways, Colin Wright has spearheaded. Since I first found out about him, part of what made his various projects appeal to me as much as they did was that, in addition to his successes as a writer or businessman, or his travels abroad, was that his outlook on the world and life gave a voice to a lot of my own. In Act Accordingly, the minimalism and maximization of one’s potential is fleshed out into a proper philosophy, yet the book retains a plain-spoken tone and ease of access that makes approaching the book easy.

Overall, the book is a pleasing and often brilliant airport novel of ethics and advice, one I recommend heartily. Folks like myself who have followed Colin’s other work will enjoy gleaming a bigger picture of Wright’s ideals, and for newcomers, it makes an excellent entry point to his work. Of course, the fact that it manages to explain various concepts of an entire ethos while remaining an enjoyable read makes it worth looking into in its own right – especially given it’s only three dollars for a digital copy or seven for a paper copy, and it’s a steal either way. So if sounds like a book that might interest you, enlighten you, or just entertain you for a few hours, I encourage you to act accordingly and give the book a look. You only have one life to live – seize the day and see what Act Accordingly can do for your worldview.

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