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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Support the Make a Dredd Sequel Movement

Box office bombs are a dime a dozen in Hollywood these days, as for every film that launches a billion dollar franchise, there are two or three that become multi-million dollar money sinks, breaking even or breaking the bank. Often this is for good reason,

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Korsgaard’s Commentary turns 3 Today

My dear readers, today marks yet another milestone for Korsgaard’s Commentary and myself. On this very day three years ago, I made my first post here on Korsgaard’s Commentary, and what began as a blog started at the urgings of a few friends has become

Top 10 Greatest Giant Monster Movies of All Time

The recently released Pacific Rim is the latest in a long proud lineage of tales of humanity alternatively fleeing or fighting titanic beasts towering over us, wrecking the works of man undertow. It’s a trope as old as civilization itself, working itself into the mythology

Pacific Rim Movie Review

The term ‘summer blockbuster’ wasn’t always a bad moniker when slapped onto a film. It used to be a badge of honor, at least before CGI and soaring budgets changed the game, to the point a lot of blockbusters from the last few years just