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Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Since the release of The Hunger Games last year, the franchise has become a household name, a media giant, and acted as the long awaited stake to the heart of the paranormal romance craze even as it caused a boom among literary and cinematic dystopian

Thor The Dark World

While some may wonder if the comic book movie boom has peaked, between some high profile bombs this year, and DC’s decision to place all their chips on ‘dark and gritty realism’ continues to backfire on their major projects, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to

Blockbuster has finally gone bust

For movie lovers, today marks the end of an era for once facet of the film industry. Most would call this long overdue – in some cases, there may be shock that is hasn’t happened already – but Blockbuster video is due to shut down