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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Come and See

General Robert E. Lee once said that “it is good that war is so terrible, lest we grow too fond of it.” With that in mind, it has always been something of a standing contradiction with war movies, especially with anti-war movies, in that you

Sword Art Online

Given how I’m spending the weekend at Katsucon, and how discounting Akira, I haven’t reviews an anime series since this time last year, I figure I’m overdue for one. Luckily, one of the shows I’ve been watching just aired the series finale on Toonami last

Try a bowl of Original Soup Man soup

With yet another snow storm ready to blanket the Eastern seaboard with yet another blizzard, I can imagine more than a few of you are sick of snow. While granted, I am an exception – I live and breathe for the cold – I can

Check out the Humble Sid Meier Bundle

As a gamer, I am a long-time fan of the work of Sid Meier, and especially of his Civilization series, to which I have lost hours of my life beyond measure in global conquest schemes that would make your typical tyrant blush. So needless to

The LEGO Movie

You know what’s great? Lego. Like a good number of you I’d wager, I have many cherished childhood memories of spending many ours constructing or deconstructing the iconic Danish construction toys, spending many happy hours ranging from turning my bedroom floor into a web of

I’m now a contributor for Shaferbird

February is turning out to be a big month for me it would appear my dear readers – hot on the heels of a pair of cover stories for some local magazines, I can add yet another columnist position to my ever-expanding resume. For those