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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Transcendence Movie Review

It’s been a really rough couple years for Johnny Depp and Chris Nolan. In the case of Depp, he’s gone from being one of the few guaranteed box office draws to headlining some of the biggest stinkers of the last several years, from Dark Shadows

Dredd Underbelly

The amount of continued passion that people have for Dredd continues to amaze me. The 2012 action movie centered on the stoic law-enforcer Judge Dredd was a clear labor of love from the production side, and it proved to be a passion that would be

New York Deli

Every truly great American city gave the world a deli sandwich. Philadelphia has the cheesesteak, New York gave us the reuben, and Richmond gave us the sailor sandwich. To the uninitiated, a sailor sandwich serves up hot pastrami, grilled knockwurst and Swiss on Rye, and