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Vegan Mustache Jazz

If you think reading the words “Vegan Mustache Jazz” will be the weirdest part of your day, just wait until you watch it. But first, a brief introduction.

I hope some of you remember my mentioning PJ Desutter – and if you’ve been faithfully listening to Saturday Night at the Movies, you should have gotten to know him pretty well given he’s a fellow cohost – I cannot say enough just what a fount of madcap creativity he is. PJ has a gift behind the camera, and when it comes to low-budget special effects, he’s a proper visionary. His latest project is a music video for a math rock/jazz fusion band called Dumb Waiter, for their song Vegan Mustache Jazz. Again, the weirdness has only begun – I’ll just let the video speak for itself.

That, was four-and-a-half minutes of psychedelic muppets-and-monster masks madness grooving out to prog rock and saxophones, like Pufnstuf Zaps the World on an LSD trip. I can testify just how much of PJ’s hard work and long hours went into nearly every detail of that video – those colorful masks alone were the result of a massive trial and error process using tie-die, paper mache and molding – and that he threw everything at Vegan Mustache Jazz but the kitchen sink, and the end product takes the cake for being absolutely strange and captivating to witness.

All this, before you even touch on just what math rock even is or who the Dumb Waiters are – maybe another day. Vegan Mustache Jazz is actually a pretty solid primer musically for what it’s worth.

So please my dear friends and readers, give Vegan Mustache Jazz a look, a listen, and share it around if you can. Not just because PJ Desutter is a good friend of mine and this is his handiwork, but because this kind of utterly colorful and creative madness deserves the attention.

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