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Monthly Archives: August 2014

British Weeaboos – Introducing the Teaboo

While there has been a notable British presence in global culture for centuries, and in modern pop culture since the British Invasion of the 60s, but one must admit, there has been an upswing as of late. Monty Python made waves with its farewell tour, and James Bond is better than ever. BBC shows like The Musketeers, Sherlock and Doctor Who are ratings gold. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit books and movies have defined fantasy for a generation. None of this is surprising – what is surprising though, is that thanks to social networking, we are witnessing an embryonic British subculture akin to what is more common from Japan or China.

The Musketeers

Hot on the heels of the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who, BBC America was quick to use the occasion to promote some of their other new shows, Intruders being the chief one, debuting right after the Doctor Who opener. While I’ve talked

The Expendables 3 Movie Review

It should be abundantly clear by now that I am an enormous fan of The Expendables franchise. Not only was the first film my very first formal movie review, and the sequel the debut of my video reviews, but having been raised on old-school action

This Casey Jones fan film is totally radical!

Today the new Ninja Turtles movie comes out, and though it should surprise absolutely nobody, it’s utter and complete garbage. Why would it be anything less? It’s produced by Michael Bay, directed by the hack who made Wrath of the Titans, and written by a triage

The Greatest Paradox about Military Service

Today my dear readers, I am literally taking a stroll down memory lane. For the first time since 2010, I am standing in Fort Gordon, Georgia, a military base where I spent a year of my time in the US Army. I’ll be the first to admit, my time here had its ups and downs, but save perhaps the intense and unforgettable ten weeks I spent in basic training, had more of an influence on who I am today than perhaps any time of my life. So needless to say, it got me reflecting on the old days, and upon lingering thoughts of the greatest paradox about military service.

A Letter for my Godson

My dear readers, you might not know this, but I am a Godfather, and proudly so. Today perhaps more than most, because my godson turns one today, and by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have traveled over six hundred miles to watch see him