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Monthly Archives: December 2014

This Comic says all you need to know about Vaccines

Vaccines may be one of the most important scientific advances in human history, which makes the outbreak of the anti-vaccination movement all the more alarming. Despite vaccines being the medical discovery largely responsible for turning the tide in the fight against countless diseases, including playing

Let’s stop giving people Gift Cards

Well my dear readers, the gifts have been unwrapped, the stockings unpacked, and by and large everyone has exchanged and opened their presents from the holidays, meaning by now everyone is instead likely getting ready to gear up and shop before New Years. With that

Remembering the Christmas Truce

On this very night, 100 years ago, there was a true Christmas Miracle. Gather round my dear readers, as I tell the tale of the Christmas Truce. Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Europe had plunged into war. As the many nations send men

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Movie Review

The Hobbit movies have proven divisive to say the least, with opinions evenly split between those who feel they’re bloated misfires and those who think they’re fun, fantastic jaunts back into Middle Earth. While I personally have loved the first two movies, I can see

A Police State of Mind

You know, I really do miss the days when the police made me feel protected instead of paranoid. Of course, given recent events, I doubt I’m the only one anymore. If you’ve been watching the news, then no doubt all of you know why. The