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Yearly Archives: 2015


The Hateful Eight Movie Review

Quentin Tarantino certainly has one of the most eclectic bodies of work in modern cinema. From Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained, Tarantino has crafted high art from exploitation cinema, changed the way movies approach dialog and character development, and generally delivered some of Hollywood’s smartest


Tor is shutting the door to unsolicited submissions

Looks like the marketplace for original short science fiction just got a little bit smaller. As of January 7th, Tor, one of the biggest markets for speculative fiction stories, will no longer be accepting unsolicited short fiction. Tor has been a major longtime staple in


Some thoughts on turning 26

It’s December 20th yet again my dear readers, which means one thing – it’s my birthday, and I am turning 26 years old. I’m spending the day rather quietly compared to years past – some well-cooked steaks, a bottle of good bourbon, and some old


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

What can I say about Star Wars: The Force Awakens? What more IS there to say at this point? Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, and announced plans for more Star Wars movies, like countless others, I’ve followed the process with growing

Today I am graduating College

Today marks a major milestone in my life my dear readers. Today, I am graduating college. After years of putting my nose to the grindstone, studying hard, and many ups and downs, today I walked across the stage, finally flipped my tassel, and left a

Why Sylvester Stallone is a Great Actor

I’m rather pleased to hear that Creed was a bonafide hit over the Thanksgiving weekend, adored by critics and audiences alike, and promising to do a brisk business at the box office well into the holiday season. I’m even more pleased to hear there is