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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Echoes from Auschwitz, 70 years later

According to Dante’s Inferno, atop the gates of hell there is an inscription that reads ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here.’ For 1.3 million people, the gates of hell read ‘Arbeit macht frei’, and this hell went by the name of Auschwitz. Liberated seventy

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Adam Ruins Everything

Though College Humor may be best known for its largely irreverent sketch comedy, and for a few colorful series’ like Jake and Amir or The Adventures of Kim Jong Un, a new show of theirs may be one of the smartest and funniest things produced

Rope-A-Dope 2: Return of the Martial Arts Mafia

Just over a year ago, I introduced you all to a short film from Eric Jacobus and the Stunt People by the name of Rope-A-Dope. A martial arts mash-up between Groundhog Day and Police Story, Rope-A-Dope saw the titular dopey protagonist repeatedly trounced and tossed

Movies I’m looking forward to in 2015

After the strange, mixed year that was 2014 at the cinema, like everyone else, I’m taking a look forward at the movies that are coming out this year, and it’s no small thing when I say that 2015 may be a year to remember for

Best and Worst Movies of 2014

With 2014 behind us, as usual, for both myself and the Internet at large, I will be doing my retrospective of 2014’s best and worst movies. Much like the year itself, at the movies in 2014, it was both the best of times and the