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Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Eye of Argon

Have you ever picked up a book, browsed a few pages, and thought to yourself that this has to be one of the worst things ever published? While popular examples that come to mind can range from The Da Vinci Code, the Left Behind series,

Boyhood is all hype and no substance

For critics and audiences everywhere, Boyhood has received the sort of universal acclaim from all corners that you rarely see in the movie industry. When people describe it, they use words like “breathtaking”, “unparalled” or any number of other colorful adjectives they’ve used to take

Guest Post: Seventh Son by Adam Seats

While it may just be that Jupiter Ascending left me yearning for anything even slightly more watchable, I found Seventh Son to be a flawed film that has enough charm to almost join the ranks of Krull or Beastmaster in the annals of cheesy high

Seventh Son Movie Review

After the pan-galactic train wreck that was Jupiter Ascending, I expected that whatever movie came next would have a fairly low bar to top. Still, I had some concerns that Seventh Son might still somehow find a way to trip over that bar, despite essentially