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Rock out to Kung Fury’s theme, “True Survivor” by David Hasselhoff

You guys remember Kung Fury, don’t you? Of course you do, this Kickstarter-funded retro action-thriller set the internet ablaze a while back, promising a high-octane cocktail of everything from vintage video games to T-Rex mounted Vikings condensed into an awesome ’80s-style cheesy action movie.

Sadly, Kung Fury isn’t quite ready yet, though they’re shooting for a release date in late May or soon after. Personally, i think that they can take as long as they need to get this magnificent mash-up of Lethal Weapon and Kung Fu Hustle just right for release, if only so we can have more time to brace for our minds to be blown. That said, today we get one hell of an appetizer to smorgasbord of incoming ham-and-cheese, with the release of Kung Fury’s theme song, “True Survivor” sung by none other than ’80s television icon David Hasselhoff.

Decked out in a mullet, fingerless gloves and Kung Fury-branded leather bomber jacket, watch the Knight Rider star belt out a retro rock anthem that wouldn’t be out of place among “No Easy Way Out” or “You’re the Best” as one of the countless songs from the heyday of montage songs. Of course, just as you’d expect from a song for a movie looking to be the ultimate tribute to cheesy ’80s action movies, the music video itself serves as a homage of sorts to the many cheesy music videos and songs of the same era, complete with fog machines, keytars and a glorious synthesizer riff.

Better still, we get the first major glimpse of Kung Fury since the trailer made for the Kickstarter, with clips of the movie interspersed in the music video, and the bits and pieces we get to see are glorious. Tanks, Valkyries, transforming arcade cabinets, dinosaurs and enough neon, explosions and butt kicking to send the anticipation levels into a fever pitch. If you weren’t awaiting the arrival of Kung Fury as much as I was after the movie trailer, the music video will hook you for certain.
David-Hasselhoff-True-Survivor-Kung-Fury-Music-VideoSo pull out your boom boxes, crank up the knob and give David Hasselhoff’s “Lone Survivor” a listen. Between this radical tunage and Kung Fury itself, its looking like we’re in for a celebration of everything absurd, outrageous and utterly awesome about ’80s pop culture like none we’ve seen.

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