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I’m now a freelance contributor to The Farmville Herald

Hot on the heels of my time serving as a contributor to VCU Capital News Service, I’m proud to say I’ve gotten another position resulting from my time with them, this time as a freelance contributor for The Farmville Herald.
farmville-herald_front-pageAs you might have gathered from the name, The Farmville Herald is a twice-weekly newspaper located in Farmville, Virginia that serves Buckingham, Cumberland, and Prince Edward Counties. Today a picturesque small college town in central Virginia, Farmville does have something of an infamous role in Virginia history for it’s role in fighting tooth and nail against desegregation back in the fifties and sixties, and given that past, it’s somewhat fitting that my first article deals with how some locals are coming to terms with that past.
Kristen-Green-Book-Farmville-HeraldKristen Green, a Farmville native and well-established journalist, released a book that is one-part memoir one part history book, “Something Must be Done About Prince Edward County,” which is a very enlightening read into the events that made Farmville a flash-point in the Civil Rights Movement, and the lasting scars left from “massive resistance.”
Farmville-CourthouseFor researching the article, I not only spoke with Kristen herself, but with a number of other local figures involved or affected by the aftermath, ranging from Civil Rights leaders to school administrators, walking by the churches and courthouses at the center of the events, and touring the Moton Museum. Though sadly not all of those conversations and interviews made their way into the article, the experience of getting to sit down with people who had a hand, for better or worse, in such an important chapter of Virginian history is an experience I won’t soon forget.

I certainly hope this will be the first of many more contributions to The Farmville Herald to come, and I won’t have to wait too long for my second article – I’m doing a profile on a Farmville native and YouTuber, Genesis Moss, who is attending Wizard World Richmond as a panelist.

Please, read my article, I’m quite proud of it, and for those who want to know more, this is Green’s book, and this is a link to the Moton Museum.

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