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Monthly Archives: August 2015

And His Name is John Cena

If my Facebook news feed is any indication, it looks like the Internet has its latest memetic champion, and his name is John Cena. Cue any number of countless videos with an inopportune insertion of WWE wrestler John Cena and the horns of his hip-hop

Straight Outta Compton Movie Review

Before Ice Cube was known mainly for making comedies, before Dr. Dre was more famous for his headphones than for his music, and before hip-hop became just another subset of bubblegum pop about getting your drink on at the club, there was the group that

Fantastic Four Movie Review

You really wouldn’t think it would be that hard to adapt the Fantastic Four into a halfway decent movie. This actually marks the fourth attempt to make a movie franchise based around Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original superteam having zany space adventures, and it

Wizard World Richmond 2015

Back in Richmond after a smashing first year for the convention, Wizard World Richmond was this past weekend. After a very successful first year, the Wizard World event returns to Richmond with some bigger names than before, and a bigger burden – with Ravencon leaving