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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Water flows on Mars, and what this means

After teasing over the past week regarding a major discovery concerning the red planet, NASA made a stunning announcement this morning when they shared the discover that liquid water flows on Mars. Using new data collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA released findings showing recurrent seepage

The Green Inferno Movie Review

I’ve never made any apologies for the fact that I defend Cannibal Holocaust, a movie many (not entirely incorrectly) might describe as a controversial, gruesome and shocking film that crosses so many lines that it’s best left in the grindhouse era it came from. Cannibal

Kenan & Kel Reunite for “Good Burger” Sketch

My dear readers, Jimmy Fallon finally did something useful on The Tonight Show. Just when you thought that 90’s nostalgia hit its peak with the return of Toonami, or Surge being brought back, or Nickelodeon deciding to dedicate an entire channel to television shows they

The Transporter Refueled Movie Review

Jason Statham is one of the biggest names in action cinema today, and a big reason that is has to do with The Transporter. While he’d earned some small attention for lead roles in Guy Ritchie movies and starring in a couple of sci-fi movies,