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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

Poor DreamWorks can’t seem to catch a break. Despite putting more effort into most of their films than Pixar has in recent years, and having as much to do with sparking the ongoing animation boom as Pixar did, “DreamWorks movie” still tends to be more


The Last Magazine by Michael Hastings

I’ll say this much for the blizzard that has left me more or less trapped in my apartment for the weekend – between it and graduating, I am finally catching up on my leisure reading. Most recently, I finally finished a book I got as

Ip Man 3 Movie Review

Not for the first time, I owe Donnie Yen a sincere thank you. Going into this weekend, I was stuck between a rock-and-a-hard place in terms of choosing a movie to review this week. Even by the usual standards of mid-January releases, this week offered


The Revenant Movie Review

If there was ever a true story that begged to be adapted to the big screen, it’s that of Hugh Glass. Glass, a 19th century fur trapper and early pioneer of the American West famous for a combination of surviving being mauled by a bear,