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Monthly Archives: February 2016


MystiCon 2016

After having made a small splash at my first MystiCon last year, to say nothing of having had a wonderful time, I made my way back to Roanoke for MystiCon 2016. MystiCon 2016 promised to be an eventual convention even a few months ago –


Gods of Egypt Movie Review

Poor Alex Proyas just can’t seem to get a break. In a better world, he’d have gotten the same level of faith and funding from studios wasted on the likes of the Wachowskis or Shyamalan, as opposed to the bumpy career he’s had. Despite directing,


A look back at Fire Emblem

Aside from maybe Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as far as video games coming out in 2016 that have caught my eye, the list begins and ends with Fire Emblem Fates. Coming out this Friday, Fire Emblem Fates is the latest in Nintendo’s premiere turn-based strategy


No Astronauts had Astronaut Ice Cream

How many of you have ever eaten Astronaut Ice Cream? You know, that chalky, freeze-dried not-at-all tasty block of ice cream you find sold in foil packages in museum gift shops across the country? You probably at some point of your childhood pestered your parents to


What Hollywood should learn from Deadpool

Looks like Wade Wilson will be able to buy quite a few chimichangas given how popular Deadpool is proving to be. Deadpool opened last weekend, and if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you probably know already that it was a smash hit at the

Deadpool Movie Review

It’s hard to believe what began as another generic, physically disproportionate gun-toting Rob Leifeld creation has since become one of the breakout characters in the past decade of comics. A lot of that has to do with him getting changed from Liefeld’s answer to Deathstroke into


Hail, Caesar! Movie Review

From the trailers, one might have hoped that Hail, Caesar! was a fun ensemble comedy, and a return to form for the Coen Brothers whose classic comedies like The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou? have taken a back seat in recent years