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I will be a guest at RavenCon 2017

So, once again, as I have the last few years, I’ll be spending the last weekend in April attending RavenCon, Virginia’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention. This year though, there will be one very important difference for me at this year’s RavenCon.
This year, I won’t be attending RavenCon as a fan, or even as a member of the press, but as an invited guest in my own right. Yes my dear readers, in another professional milestone, I’ve been invited as a guest to a convention for the first time, hopefully the first of many to come.


10 a.m. in Room 8 – “How To Change History,” a panel discussing alternate history, its place and future as a genre, as well as the ins and outs of its various tropes and popular works. I’ll actually be the moderator on this panel, no small feat given I’ll be joined by Steve White, Bill Mulligan and Lou Antonelli, a genre veteran who has been nominated for both the Sidewise Award and the Hugo Award.


12 p.m. in Room L – “Journalism and Fandom,” A panel about journalism and its place inside genre fandom, and how the two play off each other, and to an extent, depend on each other. Joining me will be R.S Belcher and Kelly Lockhart, as well as Lou Antonelli as moderator.

Given my love of alternate history, and how I cut my teeth as a reporter covering things on the nerdier side, getting to be on panels about both of them, and heading one of them, is to say the least, both a thrill and an honor.

In addition, I will be snapping as many photos, filming panels, and doing as many interviews over the weekend as I can – the Korsgaard convention usual.

So for any of you with any interest in going to RavenCon in a couple weeks time, and seeing me live, in person, be sure to be in Williamsburg, April 28th-30th.

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