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Every Noise at Once lets you explore 1500 music genres in one stop

There’s an absolute ton of wildly different music in the world, and there are certainly almost as many styles. It’s hard to even visualize the diversity of music, or at least it was until Every Noise at Once made us an interactive map.
When you open the page in your browser, you’ll see a collection of more than 1,500 colored text links, with each one representing a different genre of music. Scrolling up will have music that’s more mechanical and electronic, while going down will have music that’s more organic, music on the left side will be denser, smoother and more atmospheric, while music on the right is spikier and bouncier.

Whichever way you choose to scroll, the available choices at Every Noise at Once are mind-boggling. There’s everything from familiar standbys like “urban contemporary” and “grunge”, wildly different international flair ranging from “Armenian folk” to “Aussietronica”, to really off the wall stuff like “discofox” and “volksmusik”. Everything from opera to house music, it’s all there, ready to be explored.

What’s more, if you hover over one of the genres, you’ll be given an example of an artist and song that exemplifies the genre’s sound, and if you click the link, it will play that song example for you. You’ll also see an arrow to the right, which if you click, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the artists that fit within that genre, each with examples of their own. Click the arrow on any of the artists, and you’ll be taken to Spotify where you can listen to that artist’s library. There are even playlists for all of the different genres, and this is only scratching the surface at Every Noise at Once.

Created by Glenn McDonald, Every Noise at Once has already plotted 1 trillion data points about more than 35 million known songs in order to organize genres big and small into the map – a project that is daunting in scope, and brilliant in its usefulness.

When it comes to exploring your own musical tastes, or finding wildly new stuff, or even bands similar to ones you like, I’ve never seen anything quite like Every Noise at Once. I’ve lost several afternoons because of it, and rocked out for every minute of them – take a look for yourself, and if you find something new and wild you love, leave a comment below. I’m always game for hearing something new.

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