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Movies I’m looking forward to in 2018

With 2017 and it’s movies all finally behind us, both good and bad, and with 2018 now offically underway, having looked at the best and worst movies of 2017, it’s that time of year again, time to look now to the movies I’m looking forward to in 2018.
If there is one thing very clear about 2018, its that this year’s box office is going to be a bloodbath, even more than last year was. We’re looking at a year of movies where March has five or six tentpoles, when a few years back, you’d be hard pressed to find that many blockbusters in July. A number of franchises are coming to a head this year, and the fates of others, and their studios hang in the balance.

Something to watch in the months to come at any rate, in the meantime, here are the movies I’m looking forward to in 2018:

12 Strong – An adaptation of Horse Soldiers with an ensemble cast, a war photographer directing, and a killer trailer? Let’s hope for American Sniper and not Thank You for Your Service with this one.

The 15:17 to Paris – Speaking of American Sniper, Clint Eastwood is back with a movie about the 2015 Thalys train attack, starring the American soldiers who took down the attacker as themselves, Audie Murphy style. As someone who would love to see that more often, sold!

Black Panther – Remember when Creed came out and I said director Ryan Coogler was going places? Or how over the years, I said Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan were going to be two of the best actors of this generation? Was I right or what? Toss in some great trailers, beautiful Afropunk design choices, a killer soundtrack, and this will likely be the first box office king of the year.

Annihilation – If anybody can stick the landing taking this heady material from page to screen, it’s Alex Garland.

Death Wish – Delayed because of gun violence, the remake of the OG action thriller that promotes gun violence as the solution to violent crime looks like it could be a great action film. If it gives Eli Roth and Bruce Willis a new action franchise, even better.

A Wrinkle in Time – A classic fantasy novel long considered impossible to adapt brought to life as a passion project by Disney and Ava DuVernay? Mark your calendars for this one folks.

Tomb Raider – I know I’ve said that ‘this will be the video game movie that is finally good’ but considering the last two Tomb Raider movies are joyful guilty pleasures, I give this one a better shot than most.

Pacific Rim Uprising – Look, let me be real, a Pacific Rim sequel was never going to be a very hard sell for me. Hell, I get an ear-splitting grin on my face just thinking about it.

Ready Player One – The book that was a love letter to Spielbergian 80s culture is now a movie directed by Spielberg himself. The circle is now complete. All right. It’s Saturday night, I have no date, a two-liter bottle of Shasta and my all-Rush mix-tape… Let’s rock.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero – A movie based on one of America’s WW1 heroes, a Boston terrier that eventually got promoted to Sergeant. Also, the only major release film about WW1 this year, which is a crying shame.

Chappaquiddick – Ted Kennedy is a murderer. Never forget that.

Avengers: Infinity War – This little independent movie promises to deliver the moment ten years and dozens of movies later that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building towards. If it delivers as much as the trailers and teasers, it’s going to set the world ablaze while it does it too.

Slender Man – A horror movie based on a video game based on an internet meme based on urban legend. We’re really doing this, aren’t we?

Deadpool 2 – I will admit, I have no clue why they moved this from June to a couple weeks after Infinity War, but a Deadpool sequel from one of the directors of John Wick is as sure a bet in my book as they come.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Similar to Deadpool 2, not sure why Disney wants to open this so close to Infinity War, especially when December has essentially almost become Star Wars month at this point, but even all those production issues aside, this Ron Howard helmed Han Solo movie still had my interest… and some of my concern as well.

Incredibles 2 – Pixar finally makes the one sequel people have been asking them to make for most of the past decade.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Save all that negativity, unless you have another dinosaur movie franchise for me, I’ll take another Jurassic Park movie, thank you kindly.

Ant-Man and the Wasp – We live in a world where Ant-Man is a more viable movie franchise than the Justice League. I just want that to sink in for a moment.

Skyscraper – The Rock versus a burning skyscraper? Sure, I’ll bite.

Alita: Battle Angel – A live action anime adaption would usually make me cautious at this point, but this is a longtime passion project of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. Better this than any sequels to Avatar at any rate.

The Predator – Shane Black hopes to revive the Predator franchise. Not happy Schwarzenegger isn’t involved, but I’ll give it a chance.

The Meg – Jason Statham versus giant man eating prehistoric sharks. This would have been my favorite movie when I was 12, and you know what, now that I’m 28, I’ve still got high hopes for it.

Creed 2 – Let me be VERY open with this. Creed is the best movie I have ever reviewed on this site. I adore it, I’ve watched it dozens of times, and I’ll NEVER forgive the Academy for snubbing it. If this manages to be anywhere near as good, this has a title shot at being the best movie of 2018. Stallone better get an Oscar this time.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 – Loved the first one, second one has a killer concept. Only thing I hate is that it’s release date competes with Creed 2.

Aquaman – Because I am a masochist, and have learned absolutely nothing from the past decade of failure from movies based on DC Comics.


So those are the movies I’m looking forward to in 2018 – but what about you? What movies are you looking forward to this year? Did I miss any? Leave a comment below, and be sure to come back for my reviews this year every Friday!

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