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Why Sylvester Stallone is a Great Actor

I’m rather pleased to hear that Creed was a bonafide hit over the Thanksgiving weekend, adored by critics and audiences alike, and promising to do a brisk business at the box office well into the holiday season. I’m even more pleased to hear there is

Wizard World Richmond 2015

Back in Richmond after a smashing first year for the convention, Wizard World Richmond was this past weekend. After a very successful first year, the Wizard World event returns to Richmond with some bigger names than before, and a bigger burden – with Ravencon leaving

Let’s hope Pixels is Game Over for Adam Sandler

This may come as something of a shock to you my dear readers, but Adam Sandler makes terrible movies. REALLY terrible movies. I mention this because Adam Sandler’s latest film, Pixels, opens today, and while no stranger to harsh criticism, Pixels it would seem is

Sir Christopher Lee dead at 93

Few men can claim to have lived a more storied life than Sir Christopher Lee, whose life and career spanned from fighting in the special forces in World War II to an acting career that spanned decades. Sadly, as with any other storied life, it