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I will be a guest at RavenCon 2017

So, once again, as I have the last few years, I’ll be spending the last weekend in April attending RavenCon, Virginia’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention. This year though, there will be one very important difference for me at this year’s RavenCon. This year,

The Short History of the Nintendo Playstation

With the Nintendo Switch now announced to have a worldwide release date of March 3, the dawn of the company’s seventh home console is upon us. The future of Nintendo and gaming is not what I’m here to talk about today though. Instead, inspired by

The Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

So, looks like I may have to recant one of the earliest things I wrote in this website, back when I called the Chicago Cubs the most disappointing team in sports. As of last night, after not only coming back from a 3-1 series deficit,

Top 10 College Tips

With students heading back to college across the country, as I sit in my office, a funny thought strikes me. I’m not a college student anymore. I graduated last December, I’ve been working at a daily newspaper since April, you think I’d be used to


Top 10 Air Travel Tips

It’s no big secret that most people dread air travel. I’ve also never been a big secret that I have never been one of those people. I love flying. I think airports are great, from the people watching to the small thrill that comes from

You won’t win Powerball, but you can do Basic Math

No, none of you reading this will win Powerball. Somehow, I think everybody reading this knows that already. Even a small amount of common sense should tell you that, much less even rudimentary statistics. The odds of winning Powerball right now are 1-in-292 million, just a