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The Short History of the Nintendo Playstation

With the Nintendo Switch now announced to have a worldwide release date of March 3, the dawn of the company’s seventh home console is upon us. The future of Nintendo and gaming is not what I’m here to talk about today though. Instead, inspired by

You won’t win Powerball, but you can do Basic Math

No, none of you reading this will win Powerball. Somehow, I think everybody reading this knows that already. Even a small amount of common sense should tell you that, much less even rudimentary statistics. The odds of winning Powerball right now are 1-in-292 million, just a

Let’s stop giving people Gift Cards

Well my dear readers, the gifts have been unwrapped, the stockings unpacked, and by and large everyone has exchanged and opened their presents from the holidays, meaning by now everyone is instead likely getting ready to gear up and shop before New Years. With that

Black Friday has become a horror movie

As plenty of others before and after me will likewise point out, one of the great ironies of Thanksgiving here in America is that not even a few hours after we sit down with our near and dear ones to break bread and give thanks

Surge is back!

Never doubt the power of a devoted fanbase and 90’s nostalgia my dear readers. It brought back Toonami, has seen franchises from The Muppets to Power Rangers given second wind, and now, it has brought back the soda that defined a decade, Surge. You read

Blockbuster has finally gone bust

For movie lovers, today marks the end of an era for once facet of the film industry. Most would call this long overdue – in some cases, there may be shock that is hasn’t happened already – but Blockbuster video is due to shut down