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Square Donuts

On my way back to Virginia from Kansas City, I had to make one last pit stop in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mostly to say some overdue farewells, because since my Grandfather died six years ago, and my grandmother retired to Florida last year, I’ve less


No Astronauts had Astronaut Ice Cream

How many of you have ever eaten Astronaut Ice Cream? You know, that chalky, freeze-dried not-at-all tasty block of ice cream you find sold in foil packages in museum gift shops across the country? You probably at some point of your childhood pestered your parents to

Surge is back!

Never doubt the power of a devoted fanbase and 90’s nostalgia my dear readers. It brought back Toonami, has seen franchises from The Muppets to Power Rangers given second wind, and now, it has brought back the soda that defined a decade, Surge. You read

Mission BBQ

While I have certainly never shied away from reminding my readers of the real reason behind Memorial Day weekend, I’ve also never denied that barbecue does have its place as well, especially since despite an abundance of barbecue joints, both good and bad, Richmond really

New York Deli

Every truly great American city gave the world a deli sandwich. Philadelphia has the cheesesteak, New York gave us the reuben, and Richmond gave us the sailor sandwich. To the uninitiated, a sailor sandwich serves up hot pastrami, grilled knockwurst and Swiss on Rye, and

Try a bowl of Original Soup Man soup

With yet another snow storm ready to blanket the Eastern seaboard with yet another blizzard, I can imagine more than a few of you are sick of snow. While granted, I am an exception – I live and breathe for the cold – I can

I’m now a contributor for Shaferbird

February is turning out to be a big month for me it would appear my dear readers – hot on the heels of a pair of cover stories for some local magazines, I can add yet another columnist position to my ever-expanding resume. For those