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Today is my 27th Birthday

Well my dear readers, its that time of year again. Today is my birthday, my 27th birthday to be specific. Much like last year, I’m spending the day quietly – if there is one lesson I’ve certainly learned over the past 27 years, it’s that

Interview with Tom King

In terms of things to put on your resume, CIA Agent and writer of Batman both have to be near the top. Tom King has been both. Beginning his career as an intern at Marvel Comics in the 90s, Tom King made the rather unorthodox


A look back at 2015, and ahead at 2016

Happy New Year my dear readers! Looking back at 2015, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, it was a pretty good year for me all things considered. I finished college on a high note, had a great year for my writing career, and I


Some thoughts on turning 26

It’s December 20th yet again my dear readers, which means one thing – it’s my birthday, and I am turning 26 years old. I’m spending the day rather quietly compared to years past – some well-cooked steaks, a bottle of good bourbon, and some old

Today I am graduating College

Today marks a major milestone in my life my dear readers. Today, I am graduating college. After years of putting my nose to the grindstone, studying hard, and many ups and downs, today I walked across the stage, finally flipped my tassel, and left a

About those Technical Difficulties

My dear readers, like General MacArthur before me, I have returned. As no doubt many of you have noticed if you happened upon the site these past couple of months, there have been… issues. Issues with the site being offline for long periods of time.

Guest Post: Seventh Son by Adam Seats

While it may just be that Jupiter Ascending left me yearning for anything even slightly more watchable, I found Seventh Son to be a flawed film that has enough charm to almost join the ranks of Krull or Beastmaster in the annals of cheesy high