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As I have said many times before, it is my wish to see myself become a writer of some renown and repute, and my work spread to as many places and as many forms as possible. As my repertoire of wordage expands, and my work becomes more widespread, I shall document my work here. So for any and all who have enjoyed my musings and writings here, please be sure to keep an eye out for my work in the following places:

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The Caroline Progress

Celebrating the Fourth the old fashioned way in Port Royal
Local JROTC cadets tackle the Mountain
Doing the Lord’s work
A test of strength brings competitors from across the country
Roughing it for fun at summer camp
Caroline beats the heat with cool reads

The Progress-Index

House OKs money for veterans care centers
General Assembly salutes the troops
Discussion endorses growing businesses in Petersburg
‘Mercy Street’ returns to Petersburg to film second season
Celebrity basketball game to support Tri-City veterans’ services
Youth leader turned child molester to serve 25 years
One shot, another killed in Midlothian
Chesterfield considers change to school hours
Survivor of on-air shooting brings message of hope, overcoming obstacles to Petersburg
Unlikely cheetah and dog pair turns 1
Life as a ‘Mercy Street’ extra
Wegmans’ opening draws crowds of customers
Highway Marker honoring the Women’s Army Corps unveiled
For some, Memorial Day is more than a day
Veterans on Memorial Day: Those who served reflect on those who’ve fallen
Thousands turn out Memorial Day to pay respects at Virginia War Memorial
Road at Clover Hill High School renamed for fallen Marine
What-A-Burger still lingers
Fort Lee soldiers deploy to Afghanistan
Snow leopard cubs born at Metro Richmond Zoo
Visitors offered a glimpse of changes under way to improve Poplar Grove National Cemetery
Captain James Kirk to lead crew of new stealth destroyer
Teach a man to fish
Heroes meeting their Heroes
Local soldier spending Fourth of July in AIT at Fort Lee
Colonial Heights, what am I missing?
How Colonial Heights came to be
Local Army veteran celebrates 90th birthday making his 591st jump
From Hollywood to Petersburg
“Horses of Robert E. Lee” rides through Chesterfield
Kroger at a Crossroads
An exit interview with City Manager Tom Mattis
Virginia National Guard HQ coming to Chesterfield
Chester home to region’s first Tesla charging station
A Hollywood night in Hopewell
Fort Lee holds active shooter drills to prepare for worst
Chester Bridge to be renamed for fallen soldier
Still Serving: 70 Years of American Legion Post 284
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 284 chooses new President
U.S. Army Ordnance School hosts Team of the Year Competition
Never the “Forgotten War”
Fort Lee getting ready for first presidential visit not taken lightly

The Herald Progress

For love of country and love of family

Mechanicsville Local

King William overpowers New Kent
Patriots stun Lee-Davis in Tomato Bowl
Resurgent King William pounds Panthers
Raiders’ aerial attack easily tames Jaguars 45-14
Patrick Henry eludes the grasp of the Justices
Confederates cannot hold on to lead over Wildcats
Hawks carry away Jaguars in season finale
Area wrestlers hope to build on past success
Patriot gymnasts edge Lee-Davis, Hawks
Confederate wrestlers finish third in Trojan Duals
Lee-Davis, Atlee wrestlers dominate in meet
Patrick Henry, Atlee do well at Tiger Invitational
Atlee, Patrick Henry close season with wins
Bittersweet basketball valentine for Atlee in tourney
Deschner takes bronze in Junior Olympic fencing
Trice, Confederates overcome Patrick Henry
Hanover holds off C-feds in soccer mudfest
County track teams experiment at Atlee meet

King William Local

King William’s wrestling regains strength

Henrico Citizen

Henrico residents urged leniency for McDonnell
Ex-Gov. McDonnell sentenced to 2 years in prison
Assembly bypasses Richmond airport parking dispute
General Assembly salutes the troops
‘Liberty or death’ lives on, 240 years later
Commemorating the end of Civil War and slavery
Federal grant will expand preschool program

The Free Lance–Star

Virginia General Assembly puts brakes on speed traps
Virginia a focus of calls for constitutional convention
New Virginia law will protect chaplains from censorship
St. John’s Church hosts re-enactments of Patrick Henry’s legendary speech
Richmond programs recall city’s fiery fall

The Daily Progress

New Virginia law protects chaplains from censorship
Across Virginia, end of the Civil War, slavery being commemorated

The Farmville Herald

For author, a time of reckoning
Moss grows at Comic Con
Wineries take root in Southside
Huddle House closes; bankruptcy filed
Local hunters help feed the needy
‘Healthy population’ of coyotes live locally
Road projects proposed
A local approach to mental health
Farmville home to NRA broadcast
Jaycees celebrate 75 years of service
Falcon varsity boys fall to Millwood
Cumberland sinks PE boys

The Virginia Gazette

‘Liberty or Death’ lives on, 240 years later

Bedford Bulletin

Ex-Gov. McDonnell sentenced to 2 years in prison

Emporia News

Corrupt Former Governor to Spend Two Years in Federal Prison
Budget Amendment Puts Brakes on Speed Traps
General Assembly Salutes the Troops
Commemorating the End of Civil War, and Slavery
Richmond Reflects on Emancipation, 150 Years Later

The Suffolk News-Herald

McDonnell sentenced to two years

Tidewater News

McDonnell sentenced

The Southwest Times

Ex-Gov. McDonnell Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison
House OKs money for veterans care centers

The Commonwealth Times

VCU offers screenings for those exposed to tuberculosis
Syria forum addresses U.S. policy
The 2013 gubernatorial election: Who’s on the ballot?
Golden age of television is here
PTSD doesn’t turn men into monsters
Bitter truths of the Confederacy


Alternate History Weekly Update

Showcase: Dominion of Southern America
‘Review: What if? Series by Robert Cowley
Review: Coil Gun by Matthew Quinn
A look back at
Profiles of Terrifying Alternate Worlds, all this month at AHWU!
Showcase: Images of 1984 – Stories from Oceania
Showcase: A World of Laughter, a World of Tears
Showcase: Green Antarctica
Showcase: An Age of Miracles, the Revival of Rhomanion
Rule of Cool vs. Historical Accuracy in AH
2012 Turtledove Awards
Showcase: America the Fallen
Showcase: The Tales of Alvin Maker
Showcase: Crimson Skies
Showcase: William Dellinger’s For All The Marbles
Showcase Update 1
Alternate Movie Casting Choices
Preivew: War of the Worlds – Goliath
Why Alternate History WILL go mainstream
Review: Iron Sky
Review: Age of Aether by Mark Jeffrey
Showcase: A Giant Sucking Sound
Preview: Before Watchmen
Before Watchmen Finale: Introduction
Review: Before Watchmen
Review: Minutemen by Darwyn Cooke
Review: The Comedian by Brian Azzarello
Review: Silk Spectre by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner
Review: Ozymandias by Len Wein
Review: Nite Owl by J. Michael Straczynski
Review: Rorschach by Brian Azzarello
Review: Doctor Manhattan by J. Michael Straczynski
Review: Moloch by J. Michael Straczynski
Review: Dollar Bill by Len Wein
Review: Curse of the Crimson Corsair by Len Wein and John Higgins
Before Watchmen Finale: Conclusion
Review: War of the Worlds: Goliath

Fairfax Free Citizen

Virginia a Focus of Calls for Constitutional Convention
General Assembly Salutes Veterans
Law Protects Chaplains From Censorship
‘Liberty or Death’ Lives On, 240 Years Later
Commemorating the End of Civil War, and Slavery
Richmond Reflects on Emancipation, 150 Years Later
Federal Grant Will Expand Preschool Program


How a state budget amendment aims to put the brakes on Virginia speed traps
VCU hosts group from ‘other’ Georgia
Preschool programs expand in Henrico, Chesterfield and Richmond
What foreigners think about Confederate symbols along the bike race route
Confederate plane flies over Richmond during UCI Road World Championships
Hanover and Henrico enjoy time in the spotlight during UCI bike race
Thousands cheer Donald Trump in Henrico, shout down protests
Gecker or Sturtevant? See which one voters chose at the ballot box
Has Veteran homelessness really ended in Virginia?


McDonnell sentenced to two years in prison
Budget amendment puts brakes on speed traps
Virginia a focus of calls for Constitutional Convention
Richmond reflects on emancipation, 150 years later
Federal grant will expand preschool program
The future for DC-to-Richmond high speed rail

Local Kicks

House OKs Money For Veterans Care Centers
Assembly Bypasses Richmond Airport Parking Dispute
Virginia a Focus of Calls for Constitutional Convention
Budget Amendment Puts Brakes on Speed Traps
VCU Hosts Group from ‘Other’ Georgia
General Assembly Salutes the Troops
Law Protects Chaplains from Censorship
‘Liberty or Death’ Lives On, 240 Years Later
Commemorating the End of Civil War, and Slavery
Richmond Reflects on Emancipation, 150 Years Later

The Virginia Free Citizen

House OKs Money for Veterans Care Centers
General Assembly Salutes the Troops
Law Protects Chaplains from Censorship
Virginia General Assembly Salutes the Troops

The Man-Cave

HRZ at TMC Week: Blogger Korsgaard reviews Hard Rock Zombies

Modern Whig Party

Something to think about Veteran’s Day
We need to stand against SOPA
Where’s my flying car?
The Iraq War Vets should get a parade too
Why we need to Put the Brakes on the Speed Limit
Why the answer to our energy problems is ‘Drill, Baby Drill!’


Battleship sinks itself

The Dudeletter

Top 10 Gameboy Advance Games of All Time
Green Lantern Review
My thoughts on Space Exploration
Horror Movies that Everyone must see at least Once
Mila Kunis and the Marine
A look at Viking Metal
Borders, Books and Music, I fare thee well
Sucker Punch DVD Extended Cut Review
Cowboys & Aliens Review
A Very British Combination: Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale
As the saying goes, you can’t go home again
Conan the Barbarian Review
Team Four Star
Are you ready for some football?
September 11th – Ten years later
Book Review: Pressure Suite -Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3
Killer Elite Review
Smells like 20 years – A look back at Nirvana and Nevermind
The Hunter – Matsodon Review
A PC user’s tribute to Steve Jobs
Top 10 Most Shocking Movie Twist Endings of All Time
The Three Musketeers Review
In Time Review
Why I hate Dubstep
Immortals Review
Korsgard v. Twilight
The Muppets Review
A look at Classic Christmas Movies
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review
Top 12 Movies of 2011
Red Tails Review
The Grey Review
Chronicle Review
My Opinion on Four Common Relationship Questions
My Take on the DC New 52
John Carter Review
Hunger Games Review
The Cabin in the Woods Review
The Three Stooges Review
Syfy to Save Televised Sci-fi? One can hope
The Avengers Review
Battleship Review


Top dogs near VCU
A deeper look at Russian cuisine
Which has better pizza? Christian’s and I ❤ N.Y. square off
From Schnitzel to Strudel, a Tour of German Cuisine


Haiku Journal

Issue 5

Three Line Poetry

Issue 7