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I will be a guest at RavenCon 2017

So, once again, as I have the last few years, I’ll be spending the last weekend in April attending RavenCon, Virginia’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention. This year though, there will be one very important difference for me at this year’s RavenCon. This year,


Today I start working at The Progress-Index

I didn’t want to say anything before now, but in hindsight, it was probably a good sign when roughly half of my job interview was spent with my potential boss and I mutually geeking out over local Civil War sites and military history. Now that


I won the SPJ Mark of Excellence Award

You know, given the circumstances, I really thought that I would have had some grand monologue prepared for all of you. Instead, it looks like I may need to let this photograph do the talking while I get my words together. That, ladies and gentlemen,

About those Technical Difficulties

My dear readers, like General MacArthur before me, I have returned. As no doubt many of you have noticed if you happened upon the site these past couple of months, there have been… issues. Issues with the site being offline for long periods of time.

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Korsgaard’s Commentary turns 5 Today

Way back in 2010, I made the first posting on a blog I started after much prodding from some buddies. Now here we are five years later, Korsgaard’s Commentary is still here, still going strong. I continue to be amazed that what began with a few