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Team Four Star

As I am sure many of you are aware, the Internet has touched almost every bit of modern life, as well as our culture, and created it’s own along the way. Online shopping from places like Amazon or iTunes has changed the way people shop.

Of Highland Games and Haggis

For me, October means several things. Cooked pumpkin seeds are plentiful. I can watch dozens of horror movies without my friends and family thinking I’ve gone emo. And of course, the Highland Games. For those unfortunate enough to have never been, the Highland Games is

Fan Request 2: Lady Gaga

I recently received another request, this one from mara2230, asking my opinion on pop music diva Lady Gaga. So, I shall for this entry, do my best to give my take on the popular celebrity. Over the last three years, I am sure many of

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Laptop Troubles.

Well, today my laptop decided to give me issues. In particular, it will not turn on. So, until I figure out what is wrong with it, it would seem that my laptop is out of commission. So pardon me for the short post, but I

How’s that for a first date?

While websurfing, I found one of the most unique news items I have seen in a long while. What is this bit of news you ask? Let the article speak for itself:   If this article is true, it would seem like a pair

Chilean Miners rescued at last

Just a few moments ago, after spending more than two months trapped underground following a mine collapse, 33 Chilean miners have at long last, returned to the surface, all very much alive. In this modern age, where so much of the news is dark and

Terre Haute

After a long drive, I am at last in Terre Haute, Indiana. While I am up here visiting family, I think it is nice to ruminate why I enjoy this city as much as I do, as well as a few things that I do