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Civilization V

The Civilization series is what made me a gamer. Ever since one of my step brothers left a copy of Civilization II on my parents computer, from the moment I decided to play it out of curiosity, I was hooked. For those of you who

Korsgaard v. Twilight

My weekend has been ruined my dear readers. This is a great pity, because it started out so well too. I had full intent of writing a piece on how much I enjoyed my Reuben sandwich at the local deli, or how relaxing I find

A look at Iron Sky

A friend of mine recently send me a very interesting video in my e-mail today. What he sent me was a couple previews for an independent movie called ‘Iron Sky’. Take a look for yourselves, I posted the better of the two previews. Looks interesting

Will the Internet ever cease to amaze me?

The Internet truly is the most pure example of the free market system ever conceived. You can literally do nearly anything on the Internet. If you don’t believe me, go look at 4chan. It seems like these days, you can even order pizza. That’s right,