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Driving to Indiana

Well my dear readers, today I go on the road, traveling to Indiana where I will spend the next several days visiting friends and relatives. As one can expect from me, and my love of traveling which I have mentioned several times before, I am

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That things a guy?!

I was recently in the local mall with my friends, in FYE browsing through the CD rack, when I noticed they were playing the music video for a really crappy pop song on the television. Having never heard of this singer, I turn to one

Goodbye Mr. Bond?

If any of you should happen to pay attention to the news, there is some chance you have heard of MGM studios financial difficulties. For me this means one thing: Delay, or even cancellation of the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise. James Bond,

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This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

I have read a great many books over the years. Of my many favorites, I have proven to be a fan of dystopian fiction. Many novels of this sub genre are popular, and several are considered classics, each one having its own merits. In George

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1st Quarter Results

Well, it has been three months since this blog began, and I am pleased to say that it has grown steadily, as has the fan base. So, I figured that I would share the results of the first quarter of this blog’s existence with all

Saturday with Sharktopus

This Saturday, I enjoyed an old custom of mine. While I do enjoy going out and doing something active and exciting on the weekends most of the time, sometimes it is just as enjoyable to sit back at home and watch a movie. It being

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The problem with the UN

Once again, the President Ahmadinejad of Iran has made a true ass of himself. While this is not unusual, today bears special mention. At a UN summit on global poverty, in addition to his rants about the fall of the western world and the failings