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The Expendables

I have a confession to you, my readers. You see, I am an action movie junkie. It doesn’t matter if it is an old Bruce Lee chop-socky film, one of the Clint Eastwood cop dramas, or one of the more recent big budget summer extravaganzas,

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File Sharing: Boon or Bane?

As you may have figured out, I like movies. In fact I like most media, whether it be film, music, video games, books and the like. Of course, there is nothing special about that, I’m sure most of you reading this enjoy these fine examples

Shark Week

For the last week I have been able to take part in a tradition of sorts of mine. Ever since I can remember, there is one thing that keeps me glued to the Discovery Channel each summer: Shark Week. The experience for me is made

My thoughts on ‘Avatar’

I know that I am a little behind most people in finally getting around to see this movie. Back when it was in theatre, I never got around to see it. I heard many people rant and rave about what an amazing movie it was

Zombie Plan

My friends and I were having a rather serious discussion the other day. There comes a time when all men have to have this discussion, normally healthy males do so at least once a month. You prepare, you plan, you share ideas and the like,