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Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

While I’ve been thrilled with the way Disney has been handling Star Wars since they bought Lucasfilm five years ago, two things happened last year to cement that faith: I got to see Donnie Yen whoop serious ass in Rogue One, and Grand Admiral Thrawn

I will be a guest at RavenCon 2017

So, once again, as I have the last few years, I’ll be spending the last weekend in April attending RavenCon, Virginia’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention. This year though, there will be one very important difference for me at this year’s RavenCon. This year,


MystiCon 2016

After having made a small splash at my first MystiCon last year, to say nothing of having had a wonderful time, I made my way back to Roanoke for MystiCon 2016. MystiCon 2016 promised to be an eventual convention even a few months ago –


The Last Magazine by Michael Hastings

I’ll say this much for the blizzard that has left me more or less trapped in my apartment for the weekend – between it and graduating, I am finally catching up on my leisure reading. Most recently, I finally finished a book I got as


Tor is shutting the door to unsolicited submissions

Looks like the marketplace for original short science fiction just got a little bit smaller. As of January 7th, Tor, one of the biggest markets for speculative fiction stories, will no longer be accepting unsolicited short fiction. Tor has been a major longtime staple in

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

Today, one of 2015’s most anticipated video games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, hits store shelves, and while no doubt as fantastic as the last two games in the series, it is not any of The Witcher video games that I wish to talk about today.