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Caught up in the Crossfire

It’s now 2018, sometime in the future, and I’m here to talk about the ultimate challenge, Crossfire! If you are not immediately playing that famous commercial jingle in your head, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am. The rest of us? Crossfire! You’ll get


MystiCon 2016

After having made a small splash at my first MystiCon last year, to say nothing of having had a wonderful time, I made my way back to Roanoke for MystiCon 2016. MystiCon 2016 promised to be an eventual convention even a few months ago –

A few words on Survivalism and Self-sufficiency

Today, my dear reader, I am going to address and discuss a topic that I feel everyone should know something about, that is prepping, suvivalism and self-sufficiency. Don’t click away just quite yet my dear readers – I would hope that more than a few